Strange Loop

June 30, 2014
Nimrod Alexander Gershoni

Strange loop is a state of convoluted hierarchy awareness, when the individual experiences mobility in a hierarchic system while he finds himself once again at the same spot where he started.
I addressed this project in this spirit as an initiation rite of sorts, the ritual founded upon stages, stations, steps, represented in a hierarchical manner on several levels. The first and most clear level is the level of the materials, where the aspiration is to balance between two supposedly contrasting states – extraction and saturation – and thus create a state of compression, densification, an experience of alertness and disorientation. The passage, opening, corridor, built with a portal in mind, manage to create the illusion of the constant and at the same time allow dynamism, so that their nucleus in fact encompasses the two contradictory states. In the same way, the glyphs create two oppositions on the material level – between the monolith and the shell, between the façade and what hides behind it etc.
The second level is the functional level, the functional hierarchy of each object/work. The functional hierarchy is also very liminal and predominantly addresses the questions of whether this is a sculpture or a system of parts that form an actual function? In other words, is it a passage or a sculpture? Is it decoration or a sculpture? Is it a film or a sculpture? Is it a photograph or a sculpture? Is it a soundtrack or a sculpture?
The third level is the mental and emotional level. Here the interpretation of the work is already more open, yet still very direct. There is a difficulty to experience it to its fullest, but at the same time it is possible to feel something very unique toward it, like an experience of alertness. In certain places the sound seeks to create a feeling of an actual space that closes in on you. The consciousness is also physically connected to the path that the space and the installation produce, a rather fixed path, without other options. Once again there is a compound of contradictions, a compound that in turn engenders an experience of order and chaos at the same time.
The forth level is the level of exposing the means. Here, the exposure of the means in itself is revealed as false. The falseness of the exposure is even more alienated than the actual falseness: when we believe that we have arrived at the “real” thing, it is then revealed as an outright lie.

Photography by MTG

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