July 12, 2013
Nimrod Alexander Gershoni

A site-specific installation created in my studio between 2012 and 2013. Two tiny studio spaces that started out as two different yet connected brain cortices of my work and processes.
The eventual connection of both in the physical sense, joining two spaces into one, and in the conceptual sense, joining two approaches into one apparatus as opposed to the multi apparatuses I used up to that point, wanting to consolidate different medias and practices under one approach focused on mechanism creation and study. At first each space encompassed different medias and practices testing different approaches and processes and differentiating these by definitions for example one space was ‘dirty’ versus the other as ‘clean’, ‘workshop’ versus ‘digital studio’, ‘construction site’ versus a ‘science lab, ‘storage space’ versus ‘editing room’, employing contradictions and oppositions in this manner I started by making these different spaces identical in look, sealing the windows, painting the walls and removing the PVC floor to reveal the bare concrete floor underneath. Tearing down part of the partition wall between in a form of an arch opening and making two into one.
The third stage was to contradict the previous action of emptying, covering and consolidating by creating a huge suspended sculpture that in turn blocked the whole space and actually emphasized the dichotomy of the spaces joined together.
The final stage was to use the installation as film set for a video performance piece.

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