NREDOM / Photographs / 2011

August 17, 2011
Nimrod Alexander Gershoni

The project “nredom” deals with the mutual influences and interactions between “master and slave.” Specifically, it addresses how this idea is represented through photographic, cinematic and perfomative means. The present era of “proactive consuming,” has created a portmanteau of these opposite identities, thereby demanding a re-evaluation of the concept “master and slave.” My project merges the identities the “good,” the “bad” and the “evil” into a “prosumer” alter ego, enabling me to explore the individual’s assimilation in society. The deconstruction of Israeli icons, such as the image of the “leader”/“master” and the individual versus the mutual, constitutes a theme in the project. The use of fascistic aesthetics conveys the ambiguity of my social and political viewpoints and the complexity of Israeli realities. It also questions the role of the artist as “master and slave” in contemporary Israeli culture.

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NREDOM / Photographs / 2011 NREDOM / Photographs / 2011 NREDOM / Photographs / 2011