keeloo 1 video documentation

January 20, 2016
Nimrod Alexander Gershoni

The amazing adventures of a chocolate coated wafer bar. A story of diplomacy and human nature in a world gone wrong. This play was created part of an invitation by the Center for Contemporary Art Tel Aviv (CCA) and Ohad Meromi to create a process as part of the exhibition ‘Resort’. I invited Ian Richter (Musician/Sound Artist) and Uri Shafir (Dancer/Choreographer) to collaborate and create a play which was rehearsed and performed during the exhibition. As a buy product and an extension of that play I decided to create this short film called Keeloo.
The first stage of the process was to invite collaborators with the goal of creating a play, second stage was the formation of the play, rehearsals and performances, the next stage was to create a short film based on the play.
The main concept of this process/play/film/.. was a ’society in crisis’ and through this idea we created Keeloo. The base line of the story involves a translation and re- branding of a famous and iconic chocolate bar (Tortit-very famous chocolate bar given to soldiers) and using it as a mirror to reflect contemporary thoughts on Israeli culture and society.